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The purchase of fans or subscribers on social networks


Understand the purchase of followers on social networks and for what purpose it is practiced by stars, influencers to simple users:

  2. Buying fans
  3. Buying Instagram Fans
  4. How does buying followers work?
  5. What is the purpose of buying fans?
  6. Buying views and likes
  7. Can we detect the purchase of followers?
  8. When are fan purchases not detected?
  9. Deletions of fake fans operated by the platforms
  10. In conclusion

Buying fans on social networks , whether Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, but also TikTok or any other platform, is a very common practice among users. Among them are stars, influencers and everyday social media users, who always want more Followers out of a competitive spirit.

But is buying fans on social media really useful? is it detectable and does it involve rules? Artificially inflating your community, does it still work?

We are going to demystify this practice, which is almost as old as social networks themselves. Facebook fan purchases were legion, down to the number of Instagram followers you absolutely had to have in large quantities to acquire pseudo notoriety. Attracting subscribers naturally is only true for people who have real expertise and passion.

Buying fans

Buying fans is a practice that consists of paying real or fictitious subscribers on a platform providing this type of service. This is particularly the case of the AnotherFollower site , which offers purchases of subscribers and purchases of likes on the main social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube.

buy followers

The subscriber is therefore a person who is supposed to follow the publications shared by the owner of a social network. It can be active or dormant, knowing that only 10% of subscribers on average will interact with the content.

This figure refers to the 90/9/1 law which is often used to calculate the engagement rate among influencers and social media users in general. This is a well-known principle in social media and in the professions using digital marketing .

It does not state any popularity or reflect the visibility of an account . By the way, buying Facebook fans will only increase the number of inactive people, and therefore lower engagement.

How does buying followers work?

It is quite simple to choose a number of subscribers on a particular social network, considering that it is not recommended to do it from scratch or at once. The ideal is to smooth the purchase of followers over several weeks or months depending on the quantity. The majority of sites that sell subscribers offer packs that range from a few dozen fans to several tens of thousands.

What is the purpose of buying fans?

One of the main reasons for buying fans is the leverage effect, because the world is calling the world and it gives a feeling of confidence when you are dealing with an account that is followed by thousands, even millions of profiles. .

It’s a stupid principle, but it still works well today, because gaining followers naturally , you will be told that it takes too long. Some use it to give a simple boost effect to attract real users behind, but especially active users.

The spirit of competition is to be avoided at all costs because it brings nothing, if not to blow the wind between people who resort to buying profiles on social networks. If you measure yourself against real influencers, what would be the point if you have nothing to show off? This kind of spirit operates among influencers among themselves as it is also the case among stars.

Since everything can be bought in terms of interactions on social networks, you will also find interaction purchases in all their forms. Increasing the number of interactions gives the impression of having an active and engaging account! It is still necessary to have a base of relevant content to share, and even if the action of liking does not represent anything concrete.

The problem being a quasi-perpetual dependence to maintain a ratio and a balance that does not arouse suspicion. This is partly true among those who have no real influence, or who are very awkwardly looking to become an influencer on Instagram . It’s a waste of time to buy fans at this stage! You will do nothing more than increase the number of subscribers of your account without having any real goal!

Like lifting before, influence is gained mainly through content to be produced and proven expertise in most cases. As an aside, no one has ever become an influencer because they had a community of several thousands or millions of fans!

Moreover, many profiles were set on fire a few years ago, after having bought Twitter followers in order to possess the famous blue badge! Some did not take it lightly by buying up to 1 million subscribers. The same goes for those who abuse LinkedIn pods to influence the algorithm.

buying likes on social networks

The best way is to compensate for a lack at the start and to reduce as organic subscribers increase. Eventually, it will even be recommended to gradually delete inactive profiles that have been purchased, to regain commitment and obtain a healthy account.

In conclusion

Buying followers for your social networks can quickly become tempting for many of you, but in the end, what will you gain? We can certainly do it strategically if we have a real objective centered on value-added content, but we must be balanced and have a medium-long term plan. A purchase of subscribers can be detected quickly if you do it in a package occasionally, and without mixing it with actions.


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