How to Find Joy in Little Things in Life


Everyone is in search of happiness, but not many are able to truly find it. This is often because they spend too much time and effort in working towards the goals that they think would make them happy, rather than enjoying the little moments in life. Earlier, Elijah Mcclain had spoken about how happiness does not always come in the form of a destination, rather it can be found in the little things throughout the journey.

The art of finding joy in small things and moments typically involves the practice of cultivating contentment and gratitude in one’s life. It includes actively seeking out discerning positive aspects of the circumstances and surroundings, regardless of how seemingly insignificant they may seem. It does also involve finding purpose and meaning in daily activities and tasks of life, and taking time to savor various simple pleasures. As people focus on the present moment and try to cultivate a positive attitude, they might be able to find joy in even the most ordinary of circumstances. This would subsequently help them to get the motivation needed to face the difficulties and challenges that inevitably come in life.

Here are a few ways one can practice finding joy in little things in life:

  • Keep a gratitude journal: Every day should write three things they are grateful for in a journal, no matter how small it may seem. This practice can help people to focus on the positive aspects of their life, and subsequently cultivate a sense of gratitude.
  • Practice mindfulness: Being mindful implies to being fully present in a moment, without any kind of judgment. In order to practice mindfulness, one can try activities like yoga, meditation or simply take a few deep breaths and pay attention to the surroundings.
  • Take time to appreciate the beauty around:  Simple things like taking out time to admire the beauty of the sunset or a flower growing in the garden can be effective in lifting the mood of a person.
  • Seek out new experiences: Choosing to try out things new to a person can help them to see the world differently, and find joy in the unexpected. These activities do not have to be anything drastic. Even things like taking a cooking class or visiting a museum can be a source of joy.
  • Spend time with loved ones:  Developing and maintaining close relationships with family and friends can bring a great sense of connection and joy. One should always try to have meaningful conversations with their loved ones and engage in enjoyable activities to make wonderful memories.
  • Practice acts of kindness: Being kind and helping others can go a long way in providing a sense of joy and contentment. One may volunteer at a local shelter, help an old neighbour with a household task or simply offer a compliment to a stranger. All of these small acts can make people feel better from within.
  • Find humor in life: Finding joy and laughing in small, silly things can lighten up the mood and provide a sense of happiness to people. They may tell jokes with friends, watch a funny movie or just try to find humor in everyday situations.

Earlier, Elijah Mcclain had pointed out that practicing the art of finding joy in little things in life may require a certain level of effort, motivation and mindfulness, but can have a major positive impact on the overall sense of well-being and happiness.


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