Dealership Growth Strategies

Jeff Lupient Lists a Few Car Dealership Growth Strategies


Running a car dealership can be quite fulfilling and lucrative. However, it is not always easy to grow such a venture. As Jeff Lupient mentions, one needs to proactively follow car dealership growth strategies to ensure the success of their business. Lupient is the President and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group. He was awarded the prestigious Infiniti Award of Excellence for three consecutive years as an Executive Manager.

Jeff Lupient underlines important car dealership growth strategies

In the competitive world of car sales, following the right strategies is important for the growth and success of the business. A well-managed dealership not only maximizes sales but can also ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Important car dealership growth strategies include:

  • Digging into the market: Running a car dealership in Detroit, Michigan, for instance, would not be exactly the same as owning one in Fairfield, Connecticut. Both are different markets, and hence may require a distinctive approach. For the growth of a car dealership, one has to research about the demographics of the area, as well as its car-buying seasons. If a dealership is located in a relatively cold region, stocking up on trucks and sturdy 4-wheel-drive vehicles before the winter would be a good idea.
  • Connecting with customers: Car dealership personnel must try their best to build strong relationships with the customers, to encourage them to return, as well as to get more referrals. Showing empathy, listening to customer needs and concerns, and providing exceptional customer service are important to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Building a great team: Investing in employee training and retention would be instrumental to the success and growth of a car dealership. A lot of auto dealers unfortunately treat employees as replaceable without the cost of employee turnover into account. However, it is vital to understand that a motivated and positive team can be the biggest asset of a dealership, when it comes to building competitive advantage for the business over the long term.
  • Optimizing online presence: Ensuring a visible online presence for a car dealership is crucial, considering that a significant portion of the customer journey begins online in today’s age. It is essential for car dealerships to have a user-friendly website that provides up-to-date information on various vehicle makes and models, as well as after-sales services. The website should effectively communicate the unique selling points of the dealership and demonstrate the value it can offer to prospective customers.
  • Improving service department experience: Many car dealerships today fail to provide an efficient servicing experience. Service technicians may lack the necessary training to interact effectively with customers, and streamlined processes to enhance the customer experience may be absent. As a result, there might be missed opportunities not only in parts and services sales but also in potential new vehicle sales. By investing in training for the service team to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences, one can uncover avenues for growth within the existing customer base.

Asv Jeff Lupient says, following the tips discussed can be advantageous for any car dealership. Jeff was initially a dealership manager for Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC and Executive Manager for Jim Lupient Infiniti.  His big break came in 2007, when he was asked to run his family’s Infiniti dealership near Minneapolis


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