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Where to eat in Hong Kong? Our 10 favorite restaurants


Confused about where to eat in Hong Kong ? Are you looking for the best restaurants to surprise your taste buds? Follow the leader. By Johanna and Fabien

Although Hong Kong actually consists of over 250 islands, Hong Kong Island itself is the most exciting place. It’s one of the most densely populated places in the world, with over 1,000 skyscrapers, and there are plenty of places to eat. Here are ten of the best restaurants in Hong Kong.

Chan See Kee

This is a small restaurant and the decor is simple, but the food is delicious at a very affordable price; the portions are also extremely generous. Tucked away on Western Street in the West District of Hong Kong Island, Chan See Kee is a quintessential local restaurant. It’s low-key, but locals know to go, and it might be a hidden find for travelers wandering around the neighborhood. Some of its specials include Crispy Lemon Chicken and Aubergine Pork Bowl.

Tsui Wah Restaurant

It’s highly unlikely that anyone who considers themselves a real Hong Konger will tell you that they haven’t been to Tsui Wah Restaurant, or at least haven’t heard of it. This establishment is one of those places that everyone has visited at one time or another. The food is good, but perhaps the main appeal is its convenient location and the fact that it’s open 24 hours a day. its nightlife, certainly does not harm its activity.

Maxim’s Palace Chinese Restaurant

The dim sum at Maxim’s Palace in the City Hall on a Sunday afternoon is the best you can find in Hong Kong. Locals and tourists alike fill the large hall, and visitors are sure to have an authentic Cantonese dim sum experience, with all the loud chatter and dim sum carts whizzing by, pushed by plump, friendly ladies. Try to get a table by the window for a view of the harbor and the former location of Queen’s Pier. Although the restaurant is open from 9 a.m., it is advisable to get there about half an hour earlier to avoid queuing. Must-try dishes include barbecued suckling pig, fried prawns with mango vinaigrette, and fried garoupa slices with corn sauce.

It looks like Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop is always busy, and there’s a good reason for that.. The prime location in the imposing IFC mall is also a contributing factor to the restaurant’s popularity. However, this is not where it all began. The first store opened in the 1940s as a street food stall.

Tea House & Restaurant

Luk Yu Tea House & Restaurant is a great place to enjoy tea and dim sum right in the heart of the city, in the central district, on the iconic. This is an older establishment that originated in the early 1930s. The restaurant retains a colonial feel and is frequented by long-time customers. The name of the tea house comes from a famous Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, known for his work “The Classic of Tea”, which describes the cultural history of tea in China.

Located in the central district of Hong Kong Island on Duddell Street, this restaurant sits just above the Shanghai Tang flagship store and specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine. Visitors to Central’s art trail will also find that the Duddell’s fits right in with its neighbors. Although it’s primarily a restaurant, this hip establishment features plenty of gorgeous artwork. Spanning two floors, guests can dine in the trendy dining room or head upstairs to the cozy lounge and library. Weather permitting, guests can even choose to head out to the Garden Terrace to enjoy their meal with some sunshine. The kitchen is run by celebrity chef Siu Hin Chi,

Don’t be put off by the slightly quirky name, this restaurant is a hit with the locals.. It was this simple beginning that inspired the restaurant’s current name, which began as a small cluster of tables spread out under the Jaffe Road ring road some 25 years ago. It goes without saying that Under Bridge Spicy Crab’s specialty is spicy crab. The restaurant also offers more than 100 other dishes for you to choose from.

Founded in the 1920s, Lin Heung Tea House is a dim sum restaurant that has truly stood the test of time. Although it is a cozy place, waves of people continue to flock there for its delectable cuisine. So expect to queue for some time. But it’s worth it. Dim sum is not the only one served; from 6 p.m. the dinner menu is open. Among the dishes visitors can expect to find is the famous Eight Treasure Duck, so be sure to try it if you’re heading there in the evening.


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