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Cleaning trolley – Buying guide and comparison


The cleaning trolley, also called cleaning trolley, washing trolley or even maintenance trolley, is an essential tool for increasing productivity in household chores . Choosing the right cleaning trolley makes work easier, faster and therefore more pleasant. However, there are a few key factors to consider before selecting a housekeeping cart.

Flat press, jaw press, one or two seals, wringer, water separator, There are a multitude of cleaning trolleys with very different characteristics. So which cleaning trolley to choose? What is the best housekeeping cart? Whether it’s for your home or a business , follow the advice of our cleaning experts and adopt the most suitable cleaning trolley for your housework .


The HEENA cleaning trolley is ideal for cleaning professionals, especially in hospitals , offices, hotels, and supermarkets .

The HEENA trolley is a complete cleaning tool as it has two accessory trays , two rear wheels and two front swivel wheels. A cleaning bucket with 2 basins and a press, two cleaning basins of 8 liters.


The trolley is equipped with a canvas bag with a capacity of 60 liters and provided with a top lid. Two side clips for flat mops, mops or brooms. Two auxiliary supports on the lower part for mops or brooms. It is, in our opinion, the benchmark for cleaning trolleys for maintenance professionals.

  1. Advantages
  2. Complete cleaning trolley
  3. Sturdy polyvinyl chloride materials
  4. 60 liter capacity canvas bag for waste
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Suitable for large areas
  7. Which cleaning trolley to choose?

Before selecting the right cleaning trolley, you have to ask yourself the right questions related to its use. In this article, we list the main points to analyze before acquiring a cleaning trolley.

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The supplies that the housekeeping cart should contain

What type of cleaning supplies do you use? Will the trolley only be needed for cleaning certain rooms or for general cleaning? What products do you need to have access to at all times ? Be sure to choose a cart that can meet these criteria.

Don’t forget that you may also need to store bed linens, towels or garbage bags. If so, you will need space to accommodate these additional items , even if they are not in constant use.

Parts to be cleaned

What type of floor to clean? Is it smooth tiles, tiles or carpets that the trolley will need to pass over? The wheels of the cleaning carts are designed to pass over specific surfaces depending on the weight they must support. You need to find a cart that can be easily maneuvered around the rooms to be cleaned.

The dimension of the cleaning cart

Will your cleaning cart have to go through a narrow hallway or a small elevator? If so, you will need to choose a narrow cart model that will fit your home or building.

The same goes for the storage space in which you plan to place the cart. If there isn’t a lot of space in length or width to accommodate the cart, you can invest in a taller, thinner cart that can still meet your needs.

We therefore invite you to carefully consult the dimensions of the washing trolley before making your purchase. You risk wasting time and potentially money if it is not suitable.

The noise of the cart

Some car washes are designed to be quieter than others, making them ideal for areas where noise restrictions apply . For example, a hospital’s neonatal ward may need quiet carts so the babies in them aren’t woken up.

No one wants a noisy cleaning cart, but a little noise can be okay if the cart itself is okay. Just be careful not to take anything that will disrupt activity for too long.

The cleaning trolley and the stairs

It is essential to know if the house or establishment to be cleaned contains steps. If so, the housekeeping cart should be easily transportable . Know its weight and volume before placing your order.

If the rooms contain small steps , it will be essential to ensure that the trolley has large wheels with ball bearings and rubber so that it can be easily maneuvered on the surface.

The best cleaning carts for professionals

Now that you have read the five points to analyze to properly select your equipment, we present to you the best cleaning trolleys for professionals .

The best value for money

The HEENA professional cleaning trolley is a complete multifunction trolley . It is ideal for cleaning hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

It is made of blue non-recycled PVC and is robust thanks to its metal structure with wheels that facilitate handling and the work of the cleaning professional. It consists of two professional cleaning buckets, two trays, two bins and a waste bag.


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