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First of all, it is necessary to determine the budget to devote to the purchase of a house in order to be able to finance it without going into too much debt. Do not hesitate to use our mortgage calculator to find out how much you could borrow in total in order to know your borrowing capacity, your debt ratio but also the monthly payments that you will have to repay later.

If it is a first-time purchase for your main residence, it is possible to benefit from financial aid granted by the State and local authorities.:

  1. The PTZ or Zero Rate Loan;
  2. The PAS or Social Accession Loan.
  3. The personal contribution

In a second step, it is necessary to take into account the personal contribution . This is the amount available that can be used to partially finance the property. This amount can come from a donation (most of the time family) or from your personal savings (housing savings plan, employee savings, life insurance, etc.).

Note that the majority of credit institutions require a contribution representing at least 10% of the overall price. To obtain a home loan at a preferential interest rate, it is better to have a personal contribution of at least 30% of the amount of the loan. However, it is still possible to find real estate credit without contribution.

Malynx Tip!

Note that the personal contribution facilitates obtaining a home loan because it proves your financial solidity and reassures the credit organization on your ability to repay the loan !

How to take out a home loan?

To obtain a home loan at the lowest mortgage rate, it is interesting to compare mortgages. The credit comparator offered by LeLynx.fr offers the possibility of obtaining a loan simulation . Depending on the amount and duration of the desired mortgage, the online quote comparator leaves the choice to the applicant to choose the home loan best suited to his financial situation but also to his project.

Credit offers that meet your needs and your budget

Details of your purchase project: acquisition of a new or old house, signature of the sales agreement already made or only visits, main or secondary residence, the price of the property, the personal contribution, etc.;

Details of your profile: co-borrower or not, current owner or tenant, your income, your professional situation, any other credits you may have, your identity, etc.

All this information will allow us to offer you all the home loan offers adapted to your profile, your needs and your budget. The results page will summarize all these quotes, all you have to do is make your choice in order to finalize the financing and complete your mortgage application.

The additional costs of a house loan

Because a home loan already represents a substantial budget over several years, it is possible to negotiate certain points before committing to a home loan because the home loan is accompanied by additional costs which you may not necessarily be aware of when the loan application:

Credit insurance: the borrower has the option of choosing the insurer, which is not necessarily that of the lending institution. With equal cover, the amount of the premium varies from one insurance company to another. This is the principle of the delegation of home loan insurance;

Administrative fees : they can be negotiated, especially if the borrower is already a client of the lender;

The modulation of monthly payments: in the event of temporary financial difficulties of the borrower, the credit institution can grant payment deadlines or postpone the deadlines without penalty;

The reduction or absence of penalty during the partial or total prepayment of the house loan;

The loan transfer in the event of resale of the property to finance a housing loan, while benefiting from the same credit conditions.


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