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From Modern to Traditional: 6 Popular Door Designs for Every Home


Doors are vital components of home design, impacting the ambience and style of a room. They provide security and privacy and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. Whether you lean towards a contemporary or classic look, there is a wide range of door designs to suit any interior style.

This article will explore six popular and adaptable door designs that can elevate the appearance of any home.

1. Panel Doors:

Panel doors offer a versatile and enduring choice that complements both modern and traditional interior designs. They showcase multiple rectangular panels, imparting a timeless and sophisticated look. The arrangement of panels can be either vertical or horizontal, with variations in the number of panels. While commonly crafted from wood, panel doors can also be found in alternative materials such as fibreglass or composite. The ability to personalise them with paint or stain allows for seamless integration with the room’s colour palette. Panel doors are frequently used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and areas where privacy is a priority.

2. French Doors:

French doors exude elegance and charm, showcasing multiple glass panels enclosed by frames of wood or metal. They serve as a refined entryway, allowing abundant natural light to permeate the room. Often utilised to link indoor and outdoor areas such as patios or gardens, French doors establish a visual connection throughout the home. Available in diverse styles, whether single or double doors, and offering various glass options, they find widespread appeal in living rooms, dining areas, and spaces where a desire for openness and connectivity prevails.

3. Flush Doors:

Flush doors are characterised by their sleek design, featuring smooth surfaces devoid of any visible panels or mouldings. These doors seamlessly blend with the wall, creating a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Typically constructed from wood veneer, laminate, or fibreglass, flush doors offer a range of finishes. They can be customised by painting them to match the wall colour or staining them to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Versatile in nature, flush doors suit various interior styles, from modern and minimalistic to mid-century modern. They are a favoured choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and areas seeking simplicity and clean lines.

4. Pivot Doors:

Pivot doors are distinct and attention-grabbing, rotating on a central axis instead of regular side hinges. They add architectural interest to any space and open smoothly. Pivot doors come in different sizes and materials like wood, metal, or glass, allowing customization to match the desired style. They make a statement in modern and contemporary designs, creating a dramatic and open atmosphere. Pivot doors are commonly used in entryways, offices, and modern living spaces.

5. Glass Doors:

Glass doors offer a modern and sophisticated appearance. They create a transparent and light-filled atmosphere in a room. Glass doors come in different types, like sliding, folding, or hinged, and can be frameless or framed with materials like aluminium or wood. They allow for a visual connection between spaces while still offering privacy with options like frosted or tinted glass. Glass doors are favoured in areas where a contemporary look, natural light, and an open feel are important, such as living rooms, kitchens, and offices.

6. Carved Doors:

Carved doors are beautiful and highly detailed, showcasing decorative patterns or designs carved into the surface. Skilled artisans create these doors using traditional techniques. The carvings can be simple or complex, featuring geometric shapes or intricate floral and figurative motifs. Carved doors are typically made of solid wood and can be enhanced with finishes like staining or painting. They bring an element of sophistication and craftsmanship to a room, making them well-suited for entryways, grand spaces, and traditional or rustic interiors.

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