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Safe Ship Moving Services Discusses the Best Practices for Office Relocation


Moving homes can be stressful and overwhelming, but arguably relocating an office is even more difficult. Right from moving office chairs, desks, and an endless amount of office supplies, to ensuring that employees get settled in the new office, there would be many things to do in office relocation. No matter whether a business is headed down the block or across town, poorly managed office relocation can spiral into a huge headache for employees and clients alike. Hence, it would be a good idea to seek assistance from companies like Safe Ship Moving Services for the process.

Safe Ship Moving Services marks certain best practices for office relocation

Moving offices is a transformative, stressful step. While being complicated and overwhelming, it also shows that a business is ready for change and growth. However, before this change actually happens, one must properly plan for the move. Here are some of the best practices to follow when moving to a new office:

  • Plan early and carefully: This is a vital part of relocating an office. At least two to three months should be allocated for the planning stage. One must properly plan the layout of the new office space, and account for vital details like the number and location of electrical outlets, windows, and storage areas. Planning also involves proper scheduling. If the moving day has been scheduled on a business day, then one must not be able to effectively accommodate client requirements and appointments.
  • Find a moving and cleaning company: After the planning stage, one must also focus on finding a good moving company like Safe Ship Moving Services. Many businesses would also need a commercial cleaning crew when shutting down the old office space. Cleaning crews make sure that all the trash of the business is disposed off properly. When it comes to moving companies, it would be a good idea to hire a business that can safely box or wrap the equipment and furniture. Checking the past experience and quality of work of moving companies is also important, especially with regard to handling sensitive equipment such as computer servers.
  • Conduct an inventory check and de-clutter: It is important to conduct a thorough inventory of existing office furniture, equipment, and supplies. After, doing so, one has to take steps to discard or donate unnecessary items to reduce moving costs and streamline the relocation process.
  • Organize and label everything: Before the moving day, one should make sure that everything in the office is properly inventoried and labeled. They need to sort or group their equipment and supplies properly, and pack the goods as per its accordance. The employees of the company must also be given enough time to sort their desks. Ample time should be allocated to the packing process to prevent any last-minute rush.
  • IT infrastructure planning: It is vital to coordinate with the IT department or external vendors to ensure a smooth transition of technological assets. This includes transferring servers, networking equipment, phone systems, and ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity at the new location.

The tips discussed above can be quite helpful in ensuring a smooth and seamless office relocation.


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