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History of the DS Group – Journey of its Success Over the Years


In the early 1900s, an era when brand power and marketing strategies were relatively nascent, a modest fragrance shop in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk set the stage for a future business empire. Shri Dharampal Ji, the man behind this pioneering enterprise, perceived the untapped potential of consumer-centric business models and began an odyssey dedicated to innovation and superior quality.

Fast-forward to the present, and you will find the DS Group conglomerate as a living testament to Dharampal Ji’s vision. It has become a multifaceted powerhouse that has branched out into numerous sectors, achieving leadership positions in each. The journey from a small retail shop to a multifaceted business behemoth is nothing short of extraordinary.

Balancing Modernism with Time-Honoured Principles

When the mantle of leadership passed to his son, Satyapal Ji, the  embraced a transformative era that blended contemporary techniques with age-old traditions. High ethical standards, inventive approaches, and an endless quest for excellence became the pillars upon which Satyapal Ji built his tenure.

The business landscape for the DS Group dramatically shifted in 1963 with the launch of their product, BABA. This was a watershed moment, as BABA became an industry standard, pushing the organization to new avenues of success. Building on this, DS Group India then unveiled other high-end products like Tulsi Zarda and Tansen, each of which not only dominated their markets but also created new consumer segments.

Branching into Diverse Markets

Fuelled by their passion for pioneering and an unwavering commitment to quality, DS Group branched out into various sectors. The debut of their Catch line in food and beverages solidified their reputation for excellence. In the domain of mouth fresheners and confectioneries, brands like Pass Pass, Rajnigandha, Fru, and Maze became the gold standards.

Branching even further, the Group forayed into the hospitality business, opening lavish five-star hotels and quaint boutique properties in tourist hotspots. Some of their renowned establishments include The Manu Maharani in Nainital and Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati.

Not stopping at hospitality, DS Group Indiapartnered with Swiss chocolate brand Läderach and acquired India’s premier gourmet retailer, Le Marche. These strategic moves highlighted the Group’s adaptability and prowess in capturing varied markets.

Broadening their Scope

In a relentless drive for diversification, DS Group has also made inroads into industries like packaging, agroforestry, luxury retail, and dairy. The unchanging constant in this dynamic journey has been their focus on delivering top-notch quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Spanning nearly a century, the DS Group’s metamorphosis from a humble scent shop to a leading conglomerate stands as a case study in business evolution. The relentless zeal for innovation instilled by Dharampal Ji and furthered by Satyapal Ji has pushed the DS Group to unprecedented heights.

Every new venture and market expansion has redefined industry benchmarks and confirmed their position as a leader in diverse markets. As we look back on their illustrious journey, it’s clear that the DS Group has been, and will continue to be, a significant influencer in India’s corporate world, guided by its foundational principles of quality and customer satisfaction.


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