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The 10 best traditional restaurants in Algiers


From north to south, from east to west, the Algerian cuisine, rich in flavors, differs from one region to another. To discover this variety of traditional dishes, what better than to sit down in a good typical Algerian restaurant. has concocted a selection of the best Algiers establishments specializing in traditional cuisine. Some tested, others well rated by Internet users, there will be something for all budgets and all tastes!

Tour of the 10 best traditional restaurants in the capital

Former Hammam at the time of Mustapha Pasha, former Dey of Algiers, it was taken over by a family from the Casbah of Algiers, the Sekkouti family, who transformed it into a restaurant that has existed since 1838, i.e. more than 180 years. If you want to be in a very typical place of Algiers, Dar El Sultan offers you a purely Algiers setting. Always managed by the same family, we are bathed in a very friendly atmosphere.

Restaurant Le Corso, Sidi Fredj, Algiers

At the heart of the marina of Sidi Fredj, one of the oldest traditional restaurants in the capital, Le Corso welcomes you in a North African setting marked by its numerous vaults. As tables, “sniwettes” (copper trays) are placed on wooden legs, which gives a real cachet to this place. From Méchoui, to Tadjines, passing by the essential couscous, this restaurant offers a real culinary journey through Algeria. Highly recommended, its location allows you to stroll around the port while admiring the unique architecture of the great French architect Pouillon. Alcohol is served there, which makes it possible to accompany or discover traditional dishes with Algerian wine.

Restaurant Khaimat Essoura, Algiers

In a street perpendicular to the large and famous rue Didouche Mourad, in the heart of the city center, not far from the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Kheimat Essaoura , as its name suggests, has a typical decoration of southern Algerian tents. It almost feels like being in the middle of the desert. It offers a very varied menu, much more specialized in Algerian cuisine. A very good address to taste good Algerian dishes then continue with a stroll in the city center of Algiers.

To the Two Camels

Decoration inspired by the tents of the Algerian desert, Aux Deux Chameaux offers a very authentic setting. Its menu is rich in traditional dishes from all regions of Algeria. It is located in Ben Aknoun, not far from the Ministry of Finance, in the western suburbs of Algiers.

El Djazair

If you are looking for a very simple Algerian atmosphere, the El Djazaïr restaurant is the place to be. Very well rated by Internet users, in particular by a good number of foreigners, its menu includes traditional Algerian dishes, but its particularity and what gives it this very Algerian cachet is that it offers all types of grilled meats and skewers in its menu. which is called in the Algerian dialect “El Chwa”, an institution in the country! The restaurant is located in downtown Algiers, a five-minute walk from Place Audin towards the Grande Poste.

Restaurant El Djenina, Algiers

Family restaurant founded in 1986 and one of the best known in Algiers, El Djenina welcomes you in a chic Arab-Moorish atmosphere. You will taste different traditional dishes presented in a very refined way. Restaurant serving alcohol, it’s the right plan to discover both Algerian gastronomy and its locally produced wines. It is a two-minute walk from the Bardo Museum.

Restaurant of the El Djazaïr hotel (formerly Saint Goerges)

El Djazaïr, previously called Saint Georges, even if it has kept this name to this day, is an emblematic hotel of Algiers but also of all Algeria, inaugurated in 1889. French and international celebrities as well as political personalities have visited these places. To name just a few: Joséphine Baker, Simone de Beauvoir, Winston Churchill, Jean Cocteau, Che Guevara, Dalida, … and the list goes on and on. The large dining room of its restaurant offers a varied menu of traditional French and Algerian dishes. Nothing better than sitting down in the heart of the capital in the most historic restaurant in Algeria. Alcohol is served there.

The Daqdaq

Located on the heights of Algiers, El Aurassi offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views over the bay of Algiers. Today renovated, the hotel has had a facelift with a modern decoration. Several restaurants of different gastronomy are there. El Daqdaq is one of them with its very chic Arabo-Moorish style. Specializing in traditional Algerian cuisine, its menu is very varied. The dishes are presented in a very refined way. He often welcomes foreign delegations wishing to discover the Algerian flavors in a high standing setting.

Restaurant Val Street, Alger

Located in Said Hamdine, eastern suburb of Algiers, this restaurant is quite well rated and recommended by Internet users. A semi-modern, semi-traditional atmosphere, the Val Street can be an interesting address.


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